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Press Release - Kyle and Jackie O off air but Radio Code must be changed

3 August 2009

“While 2Day FM have moved in the right direction by announcing an across-the-network review of their principles and protocols, they must also take the lead in altering the Radio Code of Practice. Media broadcasting laws must be strengthened to prevent the sexualisation of minors in the media”, YWCA of Adelaide Chief Executive Anne Bunning said today.

Specifically, Ms Bunning called for:

• Immediate changes to the Commercial Radio Code of Practice to specify sexualisation of minors as ‘proscribed matter’
• Federal and state cooperation to achieve a mandatory Radio Code of Practice

“2Day FM should have known that a young girl’s sexual experience is inappropriate entertainment. Interrogating a minor about her sexuality is abusive and a denial of her rights”, Ms Bunning said.

“The fact that they didn’t know the program itself was abusive highlights the problems with the voluntary Code. While research has shown that sexualisation negatively impacts on the cognitive functioning and physical and mental health of individuals, the Code is silent on the issue” Ms Bunning said.

“Wednesday’s radio stunt is sadly just the tip of the iceberg in terms of exploitation of children in the media. Immediate action must be taken to stop similar events happening again”, Ms Bunning said.

Ms Bunning stated “The YWCA believes that there is no doubt that 2Day FM publicly shamed and humiliated the young girl, an experience which will be with her for the rest of her life.”

For further press information please contact Jo De Silva on 0406 950 726. Anne Bunning available for comment.

Created: 04/08/2009 | Last Updated: 04/08/2009